Video service

Filmed with professional 3 CCD cameras, which can capture with great quality all of your unforgettable moments with your children, your wedding day, with family and friends, video clips, business and private events, music videos and many more, including a complete and professional processing on DVD.

We will film and shoot your celebrations and various events, but we can as well offer DJ services to the package, to capture all of your best and unforgettable moments with family and friends. Let yourself be inspired with our numerous collections of videos and photos which we held over the years to show you examples of our work, and we invite you to reserve the services perfect for your special occasion.


David & Jana 2018

Wedding Libor & Lenka 2017

Ivetka & Karel, 13.8.2016

Wedding Boretice,Stefan & Marketa 6.8.2016

Wedding 16.6.2016 Peter & Sissy, Bernhardsthal

Promotion camcorder by dron

Vinehouse Andre Velke Pavlovice

Our flight 2014

Weddimg 28.2.2015 Sidonie

Wedding Mikulov 14.6.2014

Wedding Kunovice 19.9.2014

Wedding 23.8.2014 Vyškov

Wedding Bojkovice 21.9.2013

Wedding Havirov 14.9.2013

Wedding Cejkovice / New Zeland 10.8.2013

Wedding Prerov CZ 13.7.2013



Wedding - Mirek & Magdalena

The Apprentice - Donald Trump show

Pepa & Terezka - Wedding

Wedding - Elizabeth & Anthony


Wedding - Manhattan, New York

Wedding - Staten Island, New York

Steam Rax - "Angel by my side"

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